Alice Foise Giddings founded the Alice and Murray Giddings Foundation, Inc., in 1995 to institute continued support for her lifelong interests in education. Raised in New York City she received her professional degree at the New York Training School for Teachers and then pursued a career in the New York City public school system. Throughout her life, Alice Giddings was generous with her time, energy, and money in support of her students' aspirations.

Later in life Alice and her husband, Murray Giddings, retired to Chatham Center in Columbia County where they became active community participants. They were members of the Old Chatham Hunt Club and the Powell House Bird Club. Alice also was a member of the Kinderhook Garden Club.

As Alice Giddings approached 90, she established the scholarship fund that bears her name and continues to honor her legacy. Since its beginning in 1995, the Alice and Murray Giddings Foundation has granted a number of annual scholarships to deserving high school students who are pursuing a post secondary education.  The scholarships have been distributed to students from all of the Columbia County school districts. To date, the Giddings Foundation has awarded well over half a million dollars to students throughout Columbia County. Their scholarships have supported students' higher education pursuits at over 35 colleges and universities. 


Albina Evans, President
Tara Libruk Manierre, Vice President
Matthew Mackerer, Co-Treasurer
Donna Casey, Co-Treasurer
Cynthia Bobseine, Co-Secretary
Emilia Teasdale, Co-Secretary
Lucie Castaldo
Muriel Faxon
Marc Gold
Merle Gold
Joe Lalka
Judi Matthews
Corrine Smith

Emeritus Members: Carmi Rapport, Annamarie Lotz, Helen Esposito